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How much will I make selling my home?
Use our home sale calculator to estimate the cost of selling and how much you can pocket from your home sale.

Enter your desired sale price.

In a traditional home sale, the seller pays the real estate agent to properly market your house and bring in a buyer. It’s common for the total commission to be around 5-6% of the sale price. Learn more

This is the total cost of getting your home ready to show to potential buyers. This varies depending on the amount of work needed and if you can do some of the work yourself. Learn more

To get the buyers to close, especially when it is the buyer's market, you may need to convince the buyer to close on the house. Adjust this number accordingly. Learn more

These are costs you incur transitioning from one home to the next. Other than standard moving costs, consider the costs of double mortgages, moves, and temporary rental (including lease back from buyer) and storage in your calculation. Learn more

Your closing costs may include title, escrow, notary, transfer tax, and costs to pay off the loan. They can range from 1% to 2% of the sale price. Learn more

Once you’ve agreed to a buyer’s offer, they’ll inspect your home for defects. The buyer will usually ask you to make repairs or request a credit equal to the expected repair cost. Learn more

This is how much it would cost to pay off your mortgage. Learn more

You get to pocket
Home sale price
Your costs to sell

Now, see how we can help you sell. Sell Your Home, Your Way.

Sell RE Like a Pro™ (on Your Own)

No Commission Fees, Just the Expert Help

Take control of your sale and eliminate the expensive commission fees.

You get:
  • 0% Commission Fees!
  • Listing of your property on the major MLS of your region and other sites.
  • Professional Photography
  • And more...
In short, you get everything at your disposal that a Real Estate professional may have, and YOU DO NOT pay the 6%.

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List with us, We'll take care of the rest

Expert Traditional Broker Service at a lower rate

We take care of all your needs in selling your home, and we'll do it for less than most brokers at 5%.

You get:
  • An expert Dream Home Advisor to market your property and find you buyers
  • Expert advice and work to get maximum value for your house
  • Coordination with various professionals and potential buyers to minimize hassles for you

Let Your Dream Home Advisor Sell Your Property

Sell Your House to Us

We'll buy your house to rid you of the hassles of selling

No need to worry. Just sell the house to us, and you can move to accomplish your dreams.

You get:
  • Competitive offer based on current market values. No low ball offers.
  • Ease of moving when needed. Don't feel trapped in your current home when you need to move.

Sell Your Home to Selah Realty

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