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Knowledge Base for Buyers

Tips for First Time Home Buyer – The Selah Way
Selah Realty wants to get you the best home that you want that will help you achieve your long term goals. Don’t believe agents that tell you to get the biggest house you can afford because that may not be the best financial decision for you. Follow our guidelines so that you may be successful not just […]

Financial Decision – Dream Home or Investment Home or somewhere in between?
Selah Realty focuses on reaching your long-term goals. Many people are focused on looking good in front of others and end up purchasing depreciating assets like high-end cars while not securing assets that generate and retain value. They end up being poor with much debt while investor-minded people like you get wealthy. You are in good hands […]

Why Should I Buy Real Estate?
Here’s a real life scenario – you have $50,000 in cash. What do you do with it? Some easy possibilities may be: Keep it in the bank, possibly in an interest bearing account such as savings or CD Maybe you like fast cars, invest this money on a down-payment of a depreciating toy such as that new […]

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