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Broker Buyer Rebates up to 60% - that is over $10,000 on the average!


Our office offers a REBATE to a portion of our collected real estate commission to certain buyers. You can save thousands of dollars to your home purchase with this incentive. This is only for seasoned buyers that can handle majority of real estate transactions on their own (this means reduced service from our brokerage).

Here is an example of how much you can make from purchasing with us using this program:

  • You seek a house, and before you begin connecting with anyone else, you sign this form with us first.
  • You find a $600,000 house, arrange for visits on your own, and decide you want to buy this. You then negotiate the price down to $570,000 (good job!)
  • You reach out to us and provide us with the details of the written offer and pay $400 fee to initiate the offer. This fee will be returned to you if the seller does not accept the offer or cancels the contract during the attorney review. This fee would be credited to you at closing.
  • Once the offer is accepted, you would find and work with the attorneys, mortgage agents, home inspectors, and accountants. You can leverage the best ones by using our recommendations on our website. We make it easy for you by filtering out the people who do their jobs right. You would handle all issues that arise and bring the house to closing.
  • Congratulations, you have earned over $10,000!
    • Assumptions in the calculation: 3% of the sales price ($17,100) goes to Selah Realty. At closing, you will receive $10,260 from it.
Most brokers do not offer this incentive because this cuts into their bottom line. We will offer this amazing deal for you if you are willing to do some legwork on your own. We will still be here to provide you advice and give you guidance.

This is a limited service program and is defined in the Buyer Rebate Agreement. The buyer will be performing some functions typically handled by real estate agents as well as their own due diligence.

Here's some details:

  • You must disclose this intent and initiate a contract with us from the start. Here's the form.
  • You are willing to:
    • Locate a property of interest using various tools available (we also offer some tools and advice to help you locate your dream home)
    • If you need additional information from the selling/listing agent, you would contact them yourself to get questions answered, including verbal price negotiations
      • When asked, you will say you have contracted with and are working exclusively with Selah Realty for your purchase
      • Once ready, you will contact us and submit your formal offer through us
    • If condo or cooperative property, handle building management documentations as required

We will still be here to help you with most general questions!

If this maximum discount plan is not for you, Connect with our Dream Home Advisors to walk you through the real estate purchase process.

Buyer understands and agrees that in consideration of the above rebate, the Broker will be providing reduced services. The reduced services may include: preparing any offers, contracts of sale, obtaining & transmitting mortgage documents, presenting offers and counter-offers, providing guidance through the transaction via telephone, e-mail, fax etc., obtaining info through the MLS system, handling condo/coop documentation, communicating with sellers Real estate agent, etc. If such services are requested after initially signing this form, the buyers rebate may be reduced or eliminated.

IMPORTANT: Real Estate Commission rules REQUIRE there be a written agreement with the buyer at the onset of the relationship. Otherwise no rebate may be issued. So you must sign up for this initially or it may be void. The rebate will be paid as a “credit” to the buyer at closing or a check from the closing agent, thereby reducing our portion of the Broker commission.

The Buyer must have purchased the home through our office. The Buyer will be obligated to pay any applicable taxes for the receipt of the rebate and should contact a tax professional concerning the tax implications of receiving the rebate. All parties to the transaction, including the mortgage lender, will be notified of the rebate. The rebate is not contingent on the Buyer using any services or products.

The Rebate amount is based only on commissions actually collected by us. The calculation is based on the “Buyers side” portion of the commission. This offer may be withdrawn or modified at anytime.

This page does not create an agreement between the parties, that can only be accomplished through a written signed agreement.

This is for NY/NJ Buyer Rebates on Real Estate Commissions. The "ACT" permitting this practice was signed into law for NJ on January 2010 and NY on December 2014. In both NY and NJ, all commissions are negotiable and may be different for every deal.

Sign the form below to initiate the agreement

Scroll down to sign at the bottom of the document.

If you prefer to do it on paper, download the blank document here. Initial on each page, sign at the bottom, then scan your signed copy and email it to

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