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Dr. Sang Sur, CCIM, RPA
Broker of Record
Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Sang Sur has personally invested in real estate for over 15 years and is still very active. He is the founder and principal of Sciturus Real Investment Group, which Selah Realty is part. He is certified in both CCIM and RPA, international recognitions for expertise in commercial real estate and property management. His passion is to partner with Real Estate investors all over the world to venture together into the unknown for greater good.

He is a father of two children and is happily married to his college sweetheart for over ten years. He is very widely-versed and has studied Physics, Psychology, Aeronautics, Theology, and Business. He is a geeky techie, loves to tinker, and is very sharp on business matters, especially as it comes to Real Estate.

He desires to make a difference in the world; one of them is to be able to help those in need through Real Estate. His favorite kinds of properties are what he coins Properties of Gathering®, that is, properties where people can gather such as cafes, conference centers, hotels/motels, stadiums, and the like. He believes there will be greater value in such properties in the coming years.

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