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Knowledge Base for Sellers

Tips for Selling Your Home – The Selah Way
Selah Realty wants you to get maximum value for your property; however, be mindful of your goals in the sale. We also believe you make the money when you buy properly, so be sure to work with Selah’s Dream Home Advisors when you buy. When you are selling: Determine your priority – price or time. Real Estate […]

How much should I pay my Real Estate Broker?
Standard Real Estate commission is 6%. This 6% is given to the listing (selling) broker, and generally half is given to the buying (cooperating) broker. So, if you are selling a house for $500,000, the standard cost for finding a buyer is $500,000 x 6% or $30,000. Your listing broker will receive $15,000 for his services and […]

How much does it cost to sell a house?
If you need a quick rule of thumb, it is about 10%. So, if you sell your home at $500,000, expect to receive back $450,000. Now, some conditions may reduce your returns, while there are ways to improve them. Let's look into that in greater detail in this article.[…]

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