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Sell RE Like a Pro - Selah Realty
Own with a lifelong investment in mind.
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Sell RE Like a Pro
Pay no commission, have a dedicated licensed RE professional to provide advice from beginning to end, and sell on your own terms

Sell RE Like a Pro (on Your Own)
for a flat fee of $3,900 ($1,400 today, rest when you close)

No Commission Fees, Just the Expert Help

Take control of your sale and eliminate the expensive commission fees.

If you are a more experienced property seller and would like to save lots of money by handling majority of the sales transaction yourself, take advantage of our Sell RE Like a Pro package, offered exclusively by Selah Realty.

We will handle listing of your property on major Real Estate listing sites including your local Multiple Listing Service (MLS), Zillow, Trulia, and others. By doing this, you will have a stream of potential buyers coming to see your property; you will just need to coordinate the showing until one of them agrees to buy your property. You can have the same tools that real estate agents use to market your property without having the pay the high commission costs.

Normally, sellers should expect to spend 10% of their selling price; but with this program, you can get 3-6% of that back! That is $15,000-$30,000 (for property that sells at $500,000)!

Sell your property on your own to save money without having to deal with the difficulty of attracting potential buyers.
With this package, you get:
  • 0% Commission Fees!*
  • Listing of your property on the major MLS of your region, including NYC, Long Island, and Northern NJ
  • Listing of your property on major real estate platforms including Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, Redfin, and others.
  • Live virtual tour
  • Professional Photography
  • Closing Management and Consultation
  • Custom Marketing Flyer
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Offer Review
  • In-depth Comparative Pricing Analyses
  • Interior Staging Consultations
  • Lockbox Rentals (if your house is vacant)
  • Dedicated Licensed Real Estate Professional (Selah's Dream Home Advisor) available to you to contact from listing to closing
  • Email Marketing to Local Agents
  • Document/Contract Management
  • Weekly Strategy Meetings
In short, you get everything at your disposal that a Real Estate professional may have.

Here's an example

 Traditional Home SaleSell RE Like a Pro
Sale Price$500,000$500,000
Closing costs10% or
You get $450,000 for the sale
4-7% or
$20,000 to $35,000
You get $465,000 to $480,000 for the sale*

See how you can improve this number even more.
Sign Up for Sell RE Like a Pro (On Your Own) Package

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the 6 month (180 day) timeline begin

Generally from the time of purchase. If this is a concern, please contact us and we can help make the changes to fit your needs.

Are professional photography and virtual tours required?

The biggest problem with many FSBO (for sale by owner) listings is the poor photo images that they provide. That is the reason why we encourage professional photography. We provide an option to remove that service, but you must provide good pictures. Poor pictures may put both you and our company in a bad light and it will most likely diminish your ability to sell your property.

Why can't I know up front what I would end up paying for in commissions? (Can I really get 0% commission fees?)

Because it is up to you. We recommend paying the agent who helps you find a qualified buyer.
When we list your property, you will get streams of people who want to buy your property contacting you. Some buyers will try to buy directly from you. In that case, you truly pay 0% in commission fees. However, the trend in real estate market has not changed, and buyers often seek representation from professional real estate agents who in turn expects a fee from the seller. They WILL NOT HELP bring you buyers if you do not provide them that fee. While it is up to you to control how much you wish to pay or not at all, we encourage you to pay that fee of 2-3% of your selling price. It is a finder's fee that is rightly due to the professional who helped you find a good buyer who can close on the transaction. Random buyers may not prove to be reliable and may leave you with more headaches and delays in your sale.

What goes into closing costs? (Can I reduce my selling costs even more?)

In general, 6% goes to real estate agents who were able to market your property and secure a buyer. 4% are miscellaneous fees that go to banks and other entities who help you close on the house. By taking advantage of this package, we are saving you the ~3% listing/marketing aspect of selling your property. You may save additional 3% or reduce this amount by negotiating with the real estate professionals who may bring you a buyer. Let's now talk about the 4%.

The remaining closing costs are other fees to close on the house that is resolved at closing. Now, some fees are mandated by the government. However, majority of the fees come from the funding your loan, which may be negotiated. Working with good lenders, you should be able to reduce this amount or at least use it to your advantage (For example, buy down your interest rate by buying discount points). Your trustworthy lender should be able to guide you through this. We recommend using our selected lenders who have proven to provide the best services and rates.

Is this like a flat rate listing service?

No, and if you are seeking such services, you can find many of those services by searching online. We are not a fly-by-night service that lists your property once and leave you when you may need help the most. Sell RE Like a Pro has been designed to help you to sell your property by putting together key features that Real Estate professionals use to market your property. Additionally, you will have a dedicated real estate professional from our Dream Home Advisor group who will be with you from the beginning of your listing all the way until you sell the property at closing. We want you to sell with us advising you through the transaction and give us 5 star reviews instead of giving you gimmicks that may not provide you the results you want. We provide you with the key components that are important in selling your house including: 1) Getting the house on the MLS, 2) Helping set the price with a detailed comparative market analysis, 3) Being available to help you answer inquiries from potential buyers and buyer agents, and 4) Helping you to complete the deal once an agreement is reached.

How many photos can I upload and how many edits?

Remember, what is different than other comparative services is that we provide you with professional photography. If they are good, we would upload all of it! To be specific, we allow you to upload as much you want, as allowed by the MLS of your region. We want you to sell! Ideally, once you have a good listing, we do not want you to change it. However, we will generally welcome changes as long as it is not excessive. Our agreement will include 3 changes, but your advisor will work with you and do what is best to get your property sold.

Some similar website offer a team of professionals. Why do you provide only one dedicated person?

We want to see your property sold. When others claim they provide a team of professionals, it means no one person will follow your sale from beginning to end. They are less involved and will require you to repeat yourself to random agents who may be less skilled than the previous person you spoke with. At Selah Realty, Sell RE Like a Pro is designed to help you from beginning to end, and to actually sell your property without offering gimmicks to make you think you are getting more. Our advisors are top-notch and highly experienced to get you from listing to final closing.

Why is aerial photo/videography excluded?

Not all real estate sales would benefit from aerial videography. For homes with smaller yardage, especially many homes in the five boroughs of NYC, aerial videography would not be the selling point. However, when looking at properties with more land, it would be. Instead of forcing all our customers to pay a higher price, we offer this service as an option for $300. Also, we do not recommend aerial photography to be used alone. We would offer you video services to attract and wow your potential buyers.

At what locations do you provide this service?

The property you are seeking to sell must be located within NY or NJ state. Outside of that, please contact us and we will connect you to our partners who can help you.

How does the payment work?

When you sign up, you pay $1,400 to cover the cost of the third party products we provide. Our staff remains with you until close to collect his/her compensation. We are in this with you to sell your property.

Sign Up for Sell RE Like a Pro (On Your Own) Package

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