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Is it better to rent my house?

There are many reasons why we may want to move from the home we have purchased. Some of these reasons may be due to work or desire to move up due to family or other needs.

When you are considering to leave your home for another, your immediate thought may be to sell. A better option may be to rent out your house and put it in the care of a property manager. Doing so, you may:

  1. Still retain ownership to this property.
  2. Generate sufficient income so that you may be free to purchase a new home once you move.
  3. Pay down this property with the rental income you receive. More equity (money) for you.
  4. Sell when the property appreciates more. (Real Estate is a limited commodity)

Other Real Estate Agencies may not be focused on your long term returns and suggest you sell your home. Let your Dream Home Advisor know your investment goals and request their knowledgeable advice for your situation.

Once you decide to rent out your property, you will need to take care of your property and find tenants and work with them during their stay. If you will be away from your property and/or you don't want to deal with the complexities of becoming a landlord, you have partners that can help.

Selah Management is a sister company with Selah Realty that can take care of your property and tenants on your behalf. This means that you don't need to worry about dealing with finding a good tenant, responding to their needs, or even collecting rent from them. Working with Selah Management, you can simply enjoy the in-flow of money in your bank account while they will professionally take care of your property and maximize your cash flow. Learn more about Selah Management here.

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