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Tips for Selling Your Home – The Selah Way

Selah Realty wants you to get maximum value for your property; however, be mindful of your goals in the sale. We also believe you make the money when you buy properly, so be sure to work with Selah’s Dream Home Advisors when you buy.

When you are selling:

  1. Determine your priority – price or time. Real Estate is not just a place you live, but it is also an investment that can make money for you. However, if you wish to sell at the high end of the market, you may need to put some work into your home then wait for the perfect buyer (put in your time and money for potential profits). On the other hand, if you are willing to take a loss at expediency of the sale, you may be able to move on with your life with lower hassles (save your time, but make less money). These are your basic investment principles. You need to make this decision based on your life’s goals when you sell. Once you do, let your Dream Home Advisor know so they may help you set the right listing price.
  2. List with Selah Realty. We will maximize exposure of your property so that buyers will find interest. Other than the MLS, where real estate professionals gain access, your property will be marketed all over the Internet to enable buyers to research and confirm that your house is the best investment for them. We can help you coordinate everything from beginning to end and will be there by your side to provide advice whenever needed.
  3. Be ready to address any questions about your house. Your potential buyers will ask many questions, so be ready to provide the best answers. Your Dream Home Advisors will assist you with state-required forms/disclosures and other checklists to help you to think through what the buyers may ask. If there is anything you are concerned about, be sure to let your Dream Home Advisor know so they can help.
  4. Work with a reputable attorney. Once you sell, you generally want to be free from all liabilities that may follow you from this property. Even though your Dream Home Advisors can help, the attorneys are the ones that can make the documentation official and ensure no issues may follow after the sale. Work with an attorney that Selah Realty trusts so that you (and your family) will be well protected.
  5. Secure your next home. You make your money when you buy — so be sure to work with Selah’s Dream Home Advisors who are knowledgeable not just in finding the best homes but can support you with investment knowledge so that you continue to move toward your life goals. If you move to a location that is not serviced by Selah Realty, request your Advisor to give you reference to another agency that is trustworthy.

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